FBA Prep Services

At Badger Fulfillment, we know that getting your products ready for Amazon Fulfillment can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a comprehensive FBA Prep Service that takes care of everything for you. We’ll inspect your products, repack them if necessary, create any required FNSKU barcodes, and more. We’ll even ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses for you. With our FBA Prep Service, you can rest assured that your products will be ready to sell as soon as they arrive at Amazon’s warehouses. Contact us today to learn more about our FBA Prep Service and how we can help you get your products ready for Amazon Fulfillment.

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FBA Prep Services

Let Badger FG Handle Your Amazon Fulfillment

FBA Prep Services

Dedicated Account Management

Our customers get a dedicated account manager within the warehouse, which means one degree of separation between the account manager and the customer’s product.

Volume Discounts

At Badger, when your Amazon sales and shipping needs increases, then your storage rates should reflect savings. We offer volume discounts on monthly storage rates to help our customers grow.

24 Hour Receiving

Our team uses the latest technology and processes to ensure the efficient and accurate handling of your products.

2 Day Shipping

Our 2-day shipping service is available for a wide range of products, so you can store all of your inventory in one place.

Affordable Shipping

We utilize our carrier connections to deliver budget-friendly shipping options to you. Special pricing available.

Same Day Pick, Pack & Ship

Same-Day Pick, Pack, & Ship will be provided for any retail order received before 2pm.


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FBA Prep Service FAQs

What are FBA Prep Services?

FBA prep services, also known as Fulfillment by Amazon prep services, are third-party companies that offer assistance with preparing and packaging products to be sold on Amazon’s marketplace.  FBA prep services can help sellers with a variety of tasks, such as labeling products, bundling multiple items together, and inspecting products for quality control. They can also assist with repackaging products that don’t meet Amazon’s packaging requirements or regulations, as well as storing and shipping products directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.  Using an FBA prep service can save sellers time and money by streamlining the fulfillment process and ensuring that their products are packaged and labeled correctly, which can help prevent costly errors and delays. It can also help sellers expand their business by enabling them to sell a wider variety of products, since they can rely on the expertise of the prep service to handle the logistics of preparing and shipping their inventory.

Which Product Types are the Most Challenging to Prepare for FBA?

The most difficult products types to prepare for FBA are those that are fragile, heavy/oversized, hazardous or grocery goods with expiration dates. These items require extra caution when packing and shipping, from following additional safety and security procedures to making sure that perishables remain fresh.

Is it Better for my Barcode to be a UPC or an FNSKU?

Amazon recognizes both and one may be more beneficial than the other depending on your product and process. The FNSKU is unique to Amazon, which can make it easier to match your barcodes to the associated ASINs.

What is an ASIN?

An ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each product listed on the Amazon platform. This 10-character code acts as an identifier for products, allowing users to easily search and find them on the site. ASINs are nested under an overarching group of related items known as a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID).