Accessory & Jewelry Fulfillment Services

Badger Fulfillment provides an exceptional accessory and jewelry warehousing and fulfillment service that can keep up with the fast-paced world of ecommerce. Our responsive account management team works directly in the warehouse along with our efficient pick, pack, and ship team to guarantee that all orders are processed quickly and accurately. Moreover, we offer a wide range of services and 2 day shipping options at prices that are sure to meet your budgetary requirements. With our comprehensive inventory software tools, you can easily manage order changes as they come in, taking the burden off of handling tedious tasks in-house. Our primary focus is always on delivering prompt and quality customer service for every transaction so that you can rest assured your order is taken care of without any complications.

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Accessory & Jewelry Fulfillment Services

Let Badger FG Handle Your Accessory & Jewelry Warehousing Needs

Accessory & Jewelry Fulfillment Services

Dedicated Account Management

Our customers get a dedicated account manager within the warehouse, which means one degree of separation between the account manager and the customer’s accessory product.

Volume Discounts

At Badger, when your accessory order volume increases, then your storage rates should reflect savings. We offer volume discounts on monthly storage rates to help our customers grow.

24 Hour Receiving

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our 24-hour receiving process.

2 Day Shipping

Our 2-day shipping service is a great way to help you save time and money, while still providing your customers with the fast shipping they demand.

Affordable Shipping

We can save you time and money on shipping through deep relationships with carriers.  Offering unique reduced rates.

Same Day Pick, Pack & Ship

Same-Day Pick, Pack, & Ship will be provided for any eCommerce order received before 2pm.

The Badger Fulfillment team has been game-changing for our business. They are responsive, nimble, reliable and just a pleasure to work with!

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