The pricing chart below is intended to show a basic understanding of our flat rate pricing vs the more traditional 3pl pricing model. Most 3pls will charge you additional fees for shipping, picks, fuel surcharges, packing materials, monthly software fees, packing fees or convince you it’s better for your business to have multiple warehouses in order to achieve 2-day shipping. The worst part is you don’t get a dedicated account manager within the warehouse as you get with Badger.

We have even more affordable rate sheets based on different criteria, including great pricing for shipments under 2lb. Please inquire below for your discounted flat rate pricing.


Badger Fulfillement Sample Flat Rate Pricing
3rd Party Fulfillment Pricing Sample

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Wonderful 3PL warehousing partner to work with. Have done a great job for the last 2 years providing competitive pricing and customized solutions for our ecommerce and retail businesses.

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