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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Shana Mendelsohn, the owner of, to discuss her experience partnering with Badger Fulfillment Group. As a jewelry designer drawing inspiration from the captivating realm of Greek mythology, Shana sheds light on her journey and challenges prior to joining forces with Badger. Together, we delve into the tailored solutions provided by Badger Fulfillment Group that have revolutionized the order fulfillment process for Join us as we uncover the intricacies of this collaboration and explore how Badger’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of small businesses has made a significant impact on the success and growth of

Interviewer: Tell us about your product.

Shana Mendelsohn: As a jewelry designer, I draw inspiration from the fascinating realm of Greek mythology to create pieces in gold and silver. Each unique design is intricately crafted to embody a different myth, allowing wearers to connect with the captivating stories and symbolism of ancient Greece. By exploring my collection, you can delve into the rich tapestry of Greek mythology and discover the beauty and meaning behind each piece, connecting with the timeless allure of these ancient tales through wearable art.

Interviewer: Had you worked with other 3PL’s previously? If so, what was your experience?

Shana Mendelsohn: Before Badger, I was working with a different 3PL provider for around a year. However, being a small-scale business, I quickly realized that this particular fulfillment center was not adequately meeting my requirements. The team was unresponsive, and the charges for storage and software were disproportionately high compared to the level of service I actually needed. Because of the incredibly high fulfillment costs, my company could barely break even for the year.

Interviewer: What made you choose to work/partner with Badger Fulfillment Group?

Shana Mendelsohn: One of the reasons I chose to work with Badger was their commitment to catering to the needs of smaller and growing businesses like mine. When I first met with a representative from Badger, they were quick to address all of the concerns I had based on my previous experience with a different fulfillment company. What stood out to me was Badger’s storage options specifically designed for businesses that sell smaller products, such as jewelry. This specialized storage capability ensures that Badger can efficiently store my products, providing a solution that perfectly aligns with my business needs.

Interviewer: Can you speak to a specific experience in working with Badger that made a difference for you or your end customer?

Shana Mendelsohn: During my transition from the previous fulfillment center to Badger, I had concerns about potential obstacles that could impact the speed of order processing and, consequently, my brand image. However, Badger exceeded my expectations by efficiently managing the transition process. As soon as I partnered with them, I was assigned a dedicated team that promptly addressed any concerns or questions I had. They swiftly resolved any issues that arose, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. This ability to overcome obstacles quickly resulted in increased customer satisfaction, as packages were delivered to customers much faster than before.