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Embarking on another enlightening conversation, this time we sat down with Darragh Kilty from Aspen Clean, an eco-friendly cleaning product company, to unravel the transformative partnership with Badger Fulfillment Group. Aspen Clean graciously share their insights into the brand’s ethos, challenges encountered before teaming up with Badger, and the pivotal role that tailored solutions from Badger Fulfillment Group played in revolutionizing Aspen Clean’s order fulfillment process.

Interviewer: Tell us about your product.

Darragh Kilty: At Aspen Clean, we take pride in our product line formulated exclusively from natural sources such as plants and minerals. Our unwavering commitment to transparency means that our customers can trust our products are entirely free from toxic compounds. We understand the importance of rigorous scrutiny, and therefore, we subject our products to thorough assessments to evaluate their impact on both human health and the environment.

As part of our dedication to ethical practices, AspenClean is proud to be cruelty-free. Our products are not tested on animals, reflecting our commitment to compassion and responsible manufacturing. Additionally, we hold the prestigious Ecocert® certification, highlighting our adherence to strict ecological standards and sustainable practices.

AspenClean is proud to be EWG Verified, further underscoring our commitment to transparency and safety. This third-party verification from the Environmental Working Group assures consumers that our products meet the stringent criteria for health and environmental impact.

In addition to these certifications and ethical practices, our products are not only safe but also effective. We understand the diverse needs of our customers, including those with children and individuals with sensitivity issues. Our formulations are designed to deliver exceptional results while catering to the specific requirements of various households.

Choosing AspenClean means choosing a brand that goes beyond surface-level promises. We encourage everyone to experience the difference our natural, transparent, and effective products can make for your home and the planet.

Interviewer: Had you worked with other 3PL’s previously? If so, what was your experience?

Darragh Kilty: In our previous collaboration with a larger 3PL company, we faced significant challenges as even the most basic requirements were repeatedly left unmet. The packing process consistently fell short, with boxes often being packed incorrectly and, in some instances, even upside down. Despite assurances that these issues would be addressed and rectified, unfortunately, the situation did not improve over time.

Moreover, the lack of effective customer care further compounded our challenges. Communication with the 3PL provider was slow and ineffective, and the promised improvements were never implemented. This not only posed operational challenges but also resulted in considerable damage to our brand. The subpar packing practices not only impacted the integrity of our products but also conveyed an unprofessional image to our customers.

Interviewer: What made you choose to work/partner with Badger Fulfillment Group?

Darragh Kilty:We chose to partner with Badger FG, and it has been a decision that we are pleased to stand over. From the outset, Eric’s straight-talking attitude to our requirements stood out in a sea of options. We had engaged with numerous companies, but Badger’s genuine approach resonated with us.

What set Badger apart was their clear willingness to make the partnership a success for both parties. They were upfront about their capabilities and demonstrated adaptability to our customized needs, particularly as we deal with shipping a significant volume of liquid products that require careful handling.

The CEO’s hands-on involvement from day one was a game-changer for us, instilling confidence in the direction of our collaboration. Additionally, having a dedicated account manager, Kaylee, on site who truly understands our processes has been invaluable.

Badger not only met our requirements but also took the initiative to suggest improvements to our overall processes. This proactive approach showcased their commitment to enhancing our efficiency and success.

In a landscape where many companies promise but few deliver, Badger FG stands out as a partner that not only talks the talk but walks the walk. We highly appreciate their transparent communication, adaptability, and the genuine effort they put into making our partnership a success.

Interviewer: Can you speak to a specific experience in working with Badger that made a difference for you or your end customer?

Darragh Kilty: Commencing a partnership with Badger FG with the advantage of having an onsite Account Manager has been a massive benefit to our daily operation, presenting distinct advantages compared to our previous engagement with a company lacking direct onsite contacts. The primary benefit lies in the substantial improvement in communication and operational efficiency achieved through having an onsite rep.

The onsite presence of our Account Manager has been instrumental in swiftly addressing and resolving communication challenges that previously hindered our workflow. Having a designated account manager has facilitated an immediate understanding of our products and requirements, resulting in a more streamlined and agile process that minimizes delays and prevents misunderstandings.

Moreover, having an onsite Account Manager has become a catalyst for significant time savings. Direct access to a knowledgeable representative has eliminated the need for prolonged back-and-forth exchanges which in the past dragged out for weeks. Armed with a deep understanding of our products,  Kaylee adeptly navigates our specific requirements, contributing to a more focused and expedited collaboration.