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In today’s dynamic business landscape, the utilization of third-party fulfillment services has become an indispensable facet of operations. These services offer an array of advantages, ranging from cost-effectiveness and heightened efficiency to enhanced flexibility. However, the key to reaping these benefits lies in selecting the ideal fulfillment partner tailored to your unique business needs.

When navigating the intricate process of choosing a third-party fulfillment provider (3PL), it’s imperative to weigh various factors. Among these considerations, one paramount aspect stands out: ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. A seamless and satisfactory fulfillment process is not merely a behind-the-scenes operation; it directly impacts your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

Delve into the insightful conversation below, featuring Benjamin Gordon COO of Halo Ball, as they share their journey and invaluable insights into making the right choice for a 3PL partner, drawing from their own experiences and lessons learned.

Interviewer:  Tell us about your product.

Benjamin Gordon: Halo Ball is the first ever truly portable basketball hoop that can be set up at any height and played by anyone. Our product is extremely versatile, allowing for tons of different games/activities to be played and the rules are designed to emphasize key character development traits like teamwork and sportsmanship. Halo Ball has been featured on ESPN, ABC News, and Barstool Sports to name a few, and is the ideal product for anyone with a knack for getting outside to have some competition. Take this game to the park, beach, pool, or even your own backyard and to start having fun wherever you want.

Interviewer: Had you worked with other 3PL’s previously? If so, what was your experience?

Benjamin Gordon: We worked with one 3PL before Badger Fulfillment. We enjoyed their vast network of freight and fulfillment that helped simplify our supply chain, but this meant the prices were higher. As a startup these higher costs mixed with a lack of customer service proved to outweigh the benefits of their network and we decided to switch to Badger Fulfillment.

Interviewer: What made you choose to work/partner with Badger Fulfillment Group?

Benjamin Gordon: We chose Badger Fulfillment Group because of their competitive pricing, personal connection with their clients, and proximity to our headquarters.

Interviewer: Can you speak to a specific experience in working with Badger that made a difference for you or your end customer?

Benjamin Gordon: I was having a problem creating manual orders for my business, so I called my account manager and she and the DTC onboarding specialist invited me to come into the warehouse that day and meet with them personally to walk me through the whole fulfillment software. They also gave me a tour of the warehouse and introduced me to more of their team. This instilled a lot of confidence in Halo Ball’s relationship with the Badger team and showed that they are there to support our growing business.