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Shipping fragile items such as jewelry requires a high degree of preparation and consideration in order to guarantee its safe delivery. By taking the time to devise an effective storage, packaging and shipping strategy, you can be confident that your jewelry will reach its intended destination free of damage.

Storage and Warehousing

As a business-owner in the jewelry and accessory industry, proper storage and warehousing of your products is a must. You need to keep them secure and well-protected from any damage, so they mind-blowingly remain safe and secure. Depending on the type of metal used in creating some pieces, you’d definitely benefit from special storage material or a temperature-controlled space. UV light can sneakily make your goods look pale and dull. That’s why if you’re not confident in the safety of your own storage system, it’s better to entrust your goods to a 3PL for storage needs.  3PL’s like Badger Fulfillment Group also give you the piece of mind in regards to security in their warehouses as they have state of art high definition video that monitors all picks and incoming receiving 24/7.

Inventory Management

Proper real time inventory management can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and one that has to wait for an item they have already paid for. It’s important to know when it’s time to discontinue jewelry items that are on their way out, since there is no point in having them take up storage space. Real-time inventorying helps with this by allowing retailers to keep track of which products are in demand and which ones should be removed from stock, helping maximize profits and resources. It drastically cuts down on the likelihood of selling out of a specific item or not having enough stock to fulfill orders, benefiting both customers and business owners alike.

Layer Your Packaging Material

When it comes to shipping jewelry after an order is placed, it is important to protect it well. Using multiple layers is an effective way to ensure your jewelry stays in-tact. This may involve wrapping the jewelry in bubble wrap or placing it inside a small box or padded envelope. Rightsizing your jewelry packaging is also essential for ensuring safe shipping and delivery. It is important to make sure that the jewelry is tight inside the package and unable to shift or move in transit, reducing any risk of damage during shipment.

Don’t Label Your Package as Jewelry

When shipping jewelry, the first step is to avoid labeling your package as jewelry or valuable. Doing so could draw in unwanted attention to your packaging and could create a security issue. To prevent this, try and use discreet, everyday outer packaging to ensure your jewelry package remains secure and goes unnoticed throughout its journey.

Get Shipping Insurance for Jewelry

Jewelry can be a significant financial investment and requires special care when shipping. Insurance is essential when transporting jewelry to ensure coverage against any damages or accidental loss during transit. Jewelry can range from finished items ready for gifting, to loose stones in need of setting. Jewelry insurance gives you the peace of mind that both your finished pieces as well as loose materials will be adequately covered against any eventualities that may occur during shipping and handling.

Fast Shipping

It is increasingly clear that customers have an expectation of quick, efficient delivery when it comes to their order. Offering a two-day shipping option is the best way to satisfy this demand while also ensuring that fewer issues arise during order fulfillment due to minimized transit time. To make sure they can provide fast and reliable service, many ecommerce retailers rely on third party fulfillment companies who specialize in streamlining the process from receiving products to final delivery. All in all, offering an appropriate 2 day shipping option is essential for a successful online business.

The above will get you on your way to storing, packaging and shipping your jewelry safe and secure. Whether you are a large wholesaler or a budding business that is outgrowing your current space, Badger Fulfillment has a solution for you. From warehousing, kitting and affordable 2-day shipping options we can help ensure your packages are pick, packed and shipped on time, every time. Contact us today to learn how we can help!