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Badger Fulfillment Group, a leading third-party fulfillment company (3PL), and, a renowned packaging company, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to offer an all-encompassing, affordable, and efficient packaging and order fulfillment service. This collaboration combines Badger’s commitment to sustainability and advanced fulfillment solutions with’s expertise in innovative packaging technology and recycled materials.

The partnership between Badger Fulfillment Group and aims to revolutionize the packaging and order fulfillment landscape by providing businesses across multiple industries with a streamlined process, significant cost savings, and unparalleled service. Leveraging’s cutting-edge packaging design technology and Badger’s dedicated account managers overseeing the fulfillment process, customers can expect an exceptional end-to-end experience.

One of the key advantages of this collaboration is the ability to create packaging solutions quickly and efficiently.’s advanced packaging design technology enables rapid prototypes, ensuring that businesses receive tailored packaging solutions that meet their unique needs. Paired with Badger’s expertise in fulfillment and their commitment to sustainable practices, including their solar-powered warehouse, this partnership offers a competitive advantage to customers seeking both efficiency and sustainability.

“Our partnership with is a game-changer for the industry,” said Kyle Kobriger, CEO of Badger Fulfillment Group. “By seamlessly integrating packaging design and order fulfillment, we are able to deliver a streamlined and cost-efficient process from start to finish. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with unmatched service and solutions that drive their success.”

The target markets for this partnership encompass a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, beauty and cosmetics, jewelry and accessories, electronics, supplements, consumer product goods, and pet products, among others. The collaboration between Badger Fulfillment Group and ensures that businesses in these sectors can benefit from a comprehensive packaging and order fulfillment solution that enhances their operational efficiency and elevates the customer experience.