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In the heart of the bustling world of logistics and supply chain management, Badger Fulfillment Group recently sat down with some of their dedicated employees to explore a fascinating question: “Why did you choose to join Badger Fulfillment Group?” In an industry where talent acquisition plays a pivotal role, this candid and insightful conversation with current team members shines a spotlight on the company’s unique appeal and the factors that have attracted top talent to their ranks. Join us as we dive into the firsthand account of Matt Creviston, Warehouse Manager who made the conscious decision to be a part of the Badger Fulfillment Group family, shedding light on what makes this company an exceptional destination for career growth and professional fulfillment.


Interviewer: Could you elaborate on the factors and experiences that influenced your decision to pursue a career as a Warehouse Manager?

Matt: There have been a variety of factors and experiences in my life that influenced my decision to pursue a career in Warehouse Management. I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of managing operations and ensuring smooth workflows. The dynamic nature of a warehouse environment with a constant flow of goods and coordination of various tasks appealed to my interest in optimizing processes.

Throughout my life I have enjoyed finding creative solutions to challenges. Managing a warehouse often involves troubleshooting issues such as inventory discrepancies, service disruptions, or logistical issues. The opportunity to apply and use my problem-solving skills in a real-life setting greatly influenced my decision.

Warehouse management requires meticulous planning, using space efficiently, and systematic inventory management. Creating and maintaining an organized environment where everything has a purpose and a place attracted me to this career path.

I have always enjoyed working with people and creating a “team-first” mindset. When everyone is working toward a common goal, it creates a positive work environment and helps each individual grow to be the best they can be. I oversee a diverse group of individuals and motivating and guiding them to achieve our goals as a company gives me great joy.

Interviewer: Give us an overview of your typical daily responsibilities and routines in your role as a Warehouse Manager?

Matt: My main responsibility is to ensure a smooth functioning warehouse and ensure everyone is working in a safe manner. I do that by planning and organizing. Each day starts by reviewing the work schedule and planning the tasks for the day. I closely monitor inventory levels, ensuring accurate tracking of each customer’s stock and addressing any discrepancies that might have been brought to my attention. I work closely with our account managers, DTC team, BTB team and project team to ensure all orders and projects are completed to each customer’s standards and their preferred deadlines. I also take safety very seriously. We have an excellent safety record here at Badger Fulfillment Group and we keep safety on the top of everyone’s priority list. Throughout my day, I remain flexible and ready to handle any unexpected challenges that may arise.

Interviewer: Reflecting on your initial entry into this industry, could you highlight any aspects of third-party logistics (3PLs) that particularly caught your attention or surprised you?

Matt: One aspect of third-party logistics that I have noticed over the years is the extensive range of services that are offered. I was pleasantly surprised to see how 3PL providers, especially here at Badger, can handle various tasks such as warehousing, inventory management, shipping, receiving, and most importantly, customer service. The ability to seamlessly integrate all these functions under one roof is impressive. Many people don’t know or understand the vital role and capabilities that 3PL providers have. We play a pivotal role in streamlining supply chains and enabling businesses to focus on their core values.

Interviewer: From your perspective, what would you identify as the three most common mistakes made by Ecommerce Owners when it comes to preparing their products for storage, packaging, and shipment by their chosen 3PL service provider?

Matt: The first mistake is a product that is not properly barcoded or labeled. We do our best to ensure 100% accuracy when receiving inventory. If a product comes in without the correct barcode or label it can often add valuable time to the receiving process and often cost more money since our team must take the time to label/barcode each individual item.

The second mistake is inadequate product packaging. Owners should work closely with the manufacturer of their products to ensure they are packaged in sturdy, protective, and appropriate size for their specific products. Failing to follow this important step can result in products arriving in damaged condition and insufficient receiving of their goods.

The third mistake is lack of clear communication. Communication is key when partnering with a 3PL service. Business owners must provide clear instructions, specifications, and requirements for storage, packaging, and shipping. We offer a variety of storage types and shipping options to ensure they are getting the most out of our partnership.

Interviewer: Could you outline the key distinctions you observe in the way Badger serves its clients compared to other 3PL providers?

Matt: We offer extremely competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality service. Our customer service is second to none. We have a specialized team of account managers that are willing and able to help with any questions or requests that our partners might have. We are very easy to work with and offer customization and flexibility that will not be found elsewhere. Badger employees are a very tight-knit group where everyone is willing to lend a hand to ensure success every single day.

Interviewer: Are there any additional pieces of advice or valuable insights that you would like to impart?

Matt: Kyle has taken talented individuals and brought them together to form the strongest team that I have ever been a part of. He can put people in positions in which they are not only able to succeed but thrive professionally and personally. I am lucky to be part of such a talented group.