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Choosing the perfect 3PL for your supplements and vitamins business is no small feat. Not only does your third party fulfillment company need to be able to handle order tracking, real-time inventory management, and expiration date monitoring, but they also need to reflect passionate customer service that fits into your company’s standards. When looking for a 3PL that specializes in supplements and vitamins, make sure they can provide the below services.

  1. Real time Updates
  2. Temperature Controlled Warehouses
  3. Efficient Pick, Pack and Ship Services
  4. Return Services

Real Time Shipping Updates

Partnering with a third party fulfillment (3pl) company for your vitamin and supplement business is an important decision. The company you choose should have the capacity to provide real time order updates throughout the entire fulfillment cycle, from placement to delivery. Keeping up to date on the fulfillment process it ensures that all parties involved remain informed and aware of timelines, milestones, and shipment status. This real time transparency also allows you to be ahead of any potential conflicts or issues that could come up between customers and your business. Investing in a 3PL company partnering with streamlined API integration with your ecommerce platform is an efficient way to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the entire ordering process.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Managing temperature-controlled warehouse conditions is essential for any business that manufactures, stores and distributes supplements and vitamins. High levels of humidity can be the driving force behind a spoiled product, meaning temperature control is ultimately the safeguard of the product’s quality and integrity. Investing in a 3PL company with temperature-controlled warehousing solutions is the key to ensure products get delivered in perfect condition. This reduces waste, saving you money, and maintains the high standards necessary for maximum customer satisfaction.

Efficient Pick, Pack and Ship Services

Partnering with a 3pl company to streamline order fulfillment services is an important decision. Finding the right partner can make or break your business’ success. Make sure the 3pl company you decide to work with offers fast and reliable pick, pack and ship services to streamline the order fulfillment process. When an order is placed, employees should be able to pick products off of shelves, carefully pack the products, and print shipping labels in a timely manner.  Look for a company that offers 24 hour receiving and same day pick services. If your current 3PL doesn’t offer efficient enough services for your company’s needs then it may be time to seek out another 3pl that can meet those demands.

Return Services

Despite best efforts, sometimes customers return their product. It’s essential for merchants to have a reliable 3PL partner that knows how to manage return services and can provide solutions in a timely manner. From receiving the return and sending out a replacement, having a return policy in place is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction and boost loyalty, despite any unforeseen issues. Customers should feel confident knowing that any return process needed is being handled quickly and efficiently, allowing them to quickly receive the new product they need while still having faith in your brand’s commitment to quality service.

When competing in the vitamin and supplement industry, it is critical to connect with a 3PL company you can trust. A 3PL partner who is experienced with fulfilling orders, shipping products in a timely manner, and providing superb customer service will enable your business to create an optimal customer experience that leads to improved brand loyalty. By having dependable 3PL services that are reliable and professional, you position your company for future success as you expand your business.